Tattoo Healing Process

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Well, it is exactly 1 week since I have done my tattoo (well, to be exact, 7 days and 1 hour) and it is healing nicely partly thanks to the Rosken Dry Skin Cream which the tattoo studio 642-902¬† recommended (and which I immediately bought at the nearby pharmacy for about RM12). The dry skin on the cactus and the upper roots area it has totally dropped off, and there you can see it in all it’s glory!

Well, for my first two tattoos, a thin bandage was applied to my tattoo after the tattooing was finished. The bandaged was removed after about two hours, which then the tattoo was washed with tap water, dried with a facial tissue, and some petroleum jelly was applied to it. As mentioned in my previous 646-206 post about my third tattoo, a nice frizz of alcohol was sprayed onto my tattoo after it has been done, sanitizing it and effectively killing all the microbes that were hanging around it while giving me a nice rush of pain and adrenaline.

The tattoo is like a fresh wound, although you can’t see blood seeping out of it (maybe 1 or 2 tiny drops), there’s some white-ish/yellow-ish plasma oozing out of it (not much though). Good care must be given to the tattoo on the first few days to make sure that the wound doesn’t get infected (puss, puss!!).

I washed the tattoo about 4 times a day, and after washing, a nice thin layer of dry skin cream (Rosken, as mentioned previously) was gently applied onto it, providing it with nutrients, accelerating the skin regeneration process and moisturizing it. Yes, the skin on the tattoo is really really dry, you gotta keep it moisturized so that it can heal properly and seal the ink inside the skin (epidermis?). Failure to do so might lead to the skin cracking prematurely, which may not be good for the ink. If the skin cracks and peels to early, it will expose the new skin underneath it, which is not yet fully developed.

So, yeah, to avoid that, I moisturized the tattoo everyday and it only started to crack yesterday. After taking my shower last night, some of the skin started peeling off and when I woke up this morning, a lot of skin was peeling off. I managed to get about 60% of skin off the tattoo by slowly rubbing the flaky skin of it. No, don’t peel the skin off, if it is loose enough it will be able to drop off if you rub it. Peeling the skin off is as dangerous as peeling the scab off when you have a blood wound. There are chances that you might peel off the layer with the ink on it as well.

So now, there’s about 30% of dry skin on my tattoo and hopefully it will fully drop off in the coming weekend. After the all the dry skin has gone, I will go back to applying petroleum jelly onto it, but now, to some more moisturizing.


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  1. phil - October 8, 2009 / 12:57 am

    NO dont rub off the dead skin…always let it fall off naturaly unless you want a swiss cheese tattoo full of holes.

  2. Kev - September 15, 2010 / 11:07 am

    Hey, thanks for recommending the Rosken Dry skin lotion on your story above… I just got my tattoo last week and its 5 days old now… I’m gonna get that lotion right away… hope it helps like it did for you…. thanks again and cheers…

  3. kenchill - September 17, 2010 / 7:45 pm

    Hey Kev,

    Yeah, Rosken will help speed up the healing process! It will take roughly 1 week for it all to peel, compared to 2 weeks for vaseline/petroleum jelly!

  4. Kev - September 18, 2010 / 2:36 pm

    Hi kenchill,
    I’ve been using the Rosken Dry skin lotion now for the past 2 days… well it works perfectly…. the dried skin is peeling off on its own and the tattoo is healing fast…. now my concern is… i got a red tattoo, while the peeling process is going on… i notice my tattoo is pink in color… anything to worry about here? or is it normal?
    Please advice if i need to apply any other products on the tattoo to get the color back to original red.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. kenchill - September 19, 2010 / 4:11 am

    Hiya, don’t worry about the pink skin, it’s just new/baby skin. Once the skin fully matures/cures, the red will be nice.

  6. Kev - September 19, 2010 / 11:04 am

    Hi Kenchill,
    Thanks alot for the advice. Truly appreciate it.

  7. Kev - October 5, 2010 / 12:55 pm

    Hi Kenchill,
    Sorry to be pain in the ass…. but my tattoo did not turn out to be red as original… the skin is dry and there are tiny black dots on it in certain areas… anything u recommend for it? i’m still using the rosken dry skin repair lotion at times… not daily…


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