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After 2.70

Posted by supaa_dry. Automotive, Lifestyle

As Forest Gump so wisely said “Shit happens”, and last month it did. The Government decided to increase petrol prices to RM2.70 a litre. Except that unlike the other times they raised petrol prices, this time it’s different. This time prices went from high to extraordinarily high. And boy does it hurt.

Let’s assume the pay for a fresh grad in KL is about RM2500. And because this graduate comes from Sarawak, he has to rent a room for about RM300 a month. He also buys himself a car, because face it, everyone drives in KL. Public transportation sucks big time. His monthly installments are about RM500. And he has to pump a full tank of petrol once a week (RM100 each time) so this leaves him with RM2500-500-300-400 = RM 1300. Minus off EPF and you’re left with RM 1100. This is just his salary minus the cost of the necessary things to get to work! Then assuming he spends RM20 a day on food (including the weekends when he brings his gf to nicer restaurants), he’ll need another 20×30 = RM600 for food. That leaves RM500. Sure that may sound like a lot, but in reality, you can’t even get 5 decent t-shirts for that kind of money (and this assumes he doesn’t pay income tax).

So things have to change. But there’s not really much flexibility, since our fresh grad’s expenses are pretty basic. But there’s wiggle room, at least.

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