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KLue Urbanscapes 2008

Posted by kenchill. Events, Music

Urbanscapes. A landscape filled with urbanity. What?

A whole mixture of products, art, music, lifestyle, movies, poetry and creativity will be present at this year’s Urbanscapes, organised by KLue.

The heart of the event will be at the Lawn stage, where our darling bands will perform, proving once again that our local music scene is alive and kicking. Bands which are slated to perform at the Lawn stage are: Love Me Butch, OAG, Estrella, Seven Collar T-Shirt, Prana, Bittersweet, Auburn, They Will Kill Us All, Estranged, The Times, One Buck Short, Citizens of Ice-Cream, Dian Bang and last but not least, Pure Vibracion. The bands will

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