Pasar Malam/Night Market

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So I opened my freezer, looking for some frozen grapes and OH NOOOO~~ I’m out!! I desperately needed to stock up, so you know what that means.. A trip to the Pasar Malam!

The Pasar Malam or Night Market in English is absolutely one of my favorite Malaysian experiences. Where else can you find an amazing variety of food (from putu piring to nasi dagang to kebabs), groceries (fresh fruits, vegetables and fish/meat), clothing and accessories, and even political activists (esp just before elections) in one place? It’s the ultimate assault on the senses: The very visible hustle and bustle, the noise of sellers shouting out their promotions (Mari mari mari, durian murah murah!!), the smell of different foods wafting around, the taste of all the snacks and tidbits and as for touch… don’t you always give fruits a good squeeze before you buy em? In addition to that, what’s cool is that Malaysians from all walks of life – rich, poor, young, old – can be seen at the pasar malam (I even saw some white people too!!) Psst.. in fact back in uni guys used to go to the pasar malam to meet girls….

Anyway, the pasar malam I went to was the one in Taman Tun. It operates every Sunday. Some of the stalls start opening at about 3pm, but the place only gets really busy around 6-8pm.

Now, my main objective was to buy fruits, but of course I got distracted! Once you get there you’re immediately pulled into all directions at once with all the sights and smells of amazing, delicious food! The first stop was my favorite putu piring stall which is right opposite the Shell Station.

Putu piring (for those who don’t know) is basically coconut, flour and brown sugar all steamed together into this little pastry thingy which is pretty damn delicious. As you can see from the queue, this guy is pretty popular and he’s usually finishes his stock by about 6pm.. even before the crowds come!

Another of my favourite pasar malam snacks is the apam balik. I usually have the thick version, but for some reason I was craving the thin, crispy one. Apam balik is pretty much a crepe with generous servings of peanuts, sugar, margarine and corn. Yummy. This apam balik stall is situated right in front of the Maybank where the old Jaya Jusco used to be. For some reason the picture doesn’t look all that appetizing, but that’s probably just due to my lack of photography skills. It is absolutely mouth-watering.

Apam balik

The inside of an apam balik

Snacks aside, just walking around the pasar malam is an experience. One of the most interesting stalls I walked by was this stall selling meat and poultry. It wasn’t very hard figuring out what sort of meat they were selling… (Yes that’s a cow’s head, with its horns chopped off!!)

Meat stall at the TTDI Pasar Malam

As usual, there were the standard bootleg stalls selling fake branded clothes (they make great pajamas) and of course there has to be the handbag stall for the ladies! Would there be less housewives at the pasar malam if there were no handbag stall?

Another thing people go to the pasar malam for is to tapau their dinner. There are all kinds of stalls selling all kinds of food from nasi lemak to nasi briyani to char kway teow to ikan bakar. It makes a lot of sense though… why would you want to slave over a stove, cooking dinner when you can just pop over to the pasar malam and buy your favourite food for probably less than RM5 and it’ll most likely taste better too… Also it’s really fun to watch someone cook char kway teow for like 20 people in a huge wok over an even bigger flame. Dinner and a show for less than RM5. Brilliant.

But I came to buy fruits.. and so I went looking for fruits. I ended up buying grapes, papayas and mangoes, but I was definitely distracted by the King of Fruits – the mighty durian!

And if that’s the king of fruits, does that mean that this giant nangka is the Emperor of Fruits?


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  1. ah_mei - June 16, 2008 / 11:56 pm

    ok, u’r the first and only person i know who eat FROZEN grapes! don’t u enjoy the juice splashing in ur mouth when u bite ‘em? awww~~~

    anyway, u should also introduce the Cheras 1.. 2am still damn lot of ppl..@@ maybe that’s Midnight Market instead of Night Market :D haha..

  2. nazir - March 19, 2009 / 5:23 pm

    korunk bila nk kolabrasi gan bangkit take diorg nye design cool pe


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