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To celebrate the launch of Guamuzik.com.my (they also have the main site, www.gua.com.my, ‘Gua’ as in me or aku in Bahasa slang, or also ‘cave’), the parties in charge of the website decided to stage a free mini concert (or ‘Supergig’) at the car park area of Stadium Putra in Bukit Jalil. It was held last week, 30th May at around 8:30pm. No, Hujan wasn’t playing, but the main act for the night (well, in my point of view at least) was Butterfingers, so that was enough to force me to attend the event.

Again, I did not expect the event to start on time, or 5 minutes later, so I decided to have dinner first with supaa_dry and his girl mate which he brought along. We managed to reach the venue at 9pm and after getting out of our car, we could hear Estranged midway into the song ‘Itu Kamu’ (the song which won the Anugerah Juara Lagu). As we were hastedly walking to the stage area, I met Loque just near the stage and managed to asked him whether Butterfingers already performed, which he gladly replied ‘Belum lagi’. So, we made our way into the fenced area just directly in front of the stage and we got some big foam hands (of which, a 1000 out of the 3000 hands given out contained special passwords to download content from Guamuzik).

The crowd was not too bad indeed, giving a nice atmosphere to the event. After Estranged played, Altimet came out and gave the crowd a good dose of hiphop. Nora came in after Altimet, and she was soon joined by Nabil, who had a nice white jacket and performed some snazzy dance moves.

Meet Uncle Hussain came up, and the crowd gave the a large welcome applause. They started out with ‘Halusinasi’, moved into ‘Lagu Untukmu’ (which the crowd sang along) and ended their set with ‘Pari-Pari’. Most performers performed 3 songs at max, some did only 2, thus moving the event at a fast pace. The time between performers was fast as well with minimal setup needed (good!!!).

The mood tuned down a bit after Meet Uncle Hussain performed as Karen Kong took center stage. If you don’t already know, Karen Kong is a young chinese girl from Sabah who released a Malay album and managed to make her name for herself. Not to mention that she manage to break into the Indonesian market as well. So, most of the crowd sat down to regain some energy and to enjoy Karen’s music, which she delivered in Malay, of course.

Ella burst into stage with ‘Rama-rama’ after Karen Kong and ended her set with just one song, but her performance was awesome.

There was a short delay after Ella left, and well, the crowd started cheering as Loque could be seen walking onto stage setting up his guitar and effect pedals. The rest of the Butterfingers soon came up on stage and the cheers were getting louder. Before Butterfingers could start performing, the emcees requested the crowd to do a cheer one time for a recording, as Ella came on stage too fast for the cameras to record a cheer from the crowd. After the ‘fake’ cheer, Emmet started the first song with a ‘sajak’ reciting tune. They continued with ‘Joget Global’ in which there were some groups in the crowd doing the ‘joget’ full time.

Loque continued into the ‘1000 Tahun’ intro as he was ending the Joget Global song and Emmetgot down from the stage to greet his fans who were in the front row. Awesome! He got up to the stage just in time for his vocals and Butterfingers ended their set after 1000 Tahun.

The night did not end just yet as there were a few more performers ready to perform after Butterfingers. Nabil still had dance moves to bust out together with Shila and Tunku Tiara (both from OIAM2). Then there was Pach (who is a producer, composer, singer, etc) who, into his second song, brought up Andy Flop Poppy who played guitar and also sang along with Pach.

How else to end the event other than by bringing out our very own super hero? Yes, Faizal Tahir was the guitar slinging man of the day, with his trademark ‘S’ shirt. No, there was no striptease that night, just Faizal, his guitar, and Ella performing. And supaa_dry did notice the his guitar wasn’t plugged in at all, no wireless transceiver, just pure air guitar awesomeness!

And, that’s it folks! It ended about 11:30pm and as we were walking back, we passed by the control booth where we saw some of the crew members watching TV3 on their control televisions. Anyway, we managed to make our way out of the car park with just a slight ringing in our ears.


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  1. shana - June 25, 2008 / 11:08 pm

    aku mmg puas ati sgt ngan concert yg gu.com.my taja ni. best siot… mmg gempak gilos ar. aku pun sbenarnye taktau ade concert ni, tup2 aku lalu kat bukit jalil tu aku singgah la skaki. huh mmg gempak gile…. artis pun sume menghiburkan… mmg rase tak puas duk kat sane 4 jam… harap tahun depan gua.com.my taja lagi concert mcm nih. baru laaa malaysia bleh gempak.. atau maybe korang wat concert roadshow plak ke kan… baru la best… love u gua

  2. 9 06 pach for ati - August 1, 2008 / 10:14 pm

    [...] who, … aku mmg puas ati sgt ngan concert yg gu.com.my taja ni. best siot??


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