Ok, so you’ve graduated, now what? All things said and done, your degree doesn’t matter too much if you don’t actually go out and apply for a job. And with graduation season around the corner, the job market is gonna be inundated with fellow applicants – making the competition much tougher. But fret not, because here on www.lifeinkl.com, we have a few tips and tricks that should help you out.

But first a disclaimer: The tips suggested in here are merely that.. suggestions. I’m just recommending to you what worked out well for me, but as always, there’s no guarantee that it’ll work out. Use whatever is in here at your own discretion, and definitely feel free to make changes if you feel that you can improve on it. And cross your fingers and hope for the best!

The first step (and hence part 1 of this series) to getting a job is writing a resume or curriculum vitae (CV) – but I’ll refer to it as a resume from here on. A good resume should be contain enough but not too much information regarding your personal details, your educational background, your extracurricular activities, your work experience (if any), any additional skills that you may have and perhaps some of your interests.

Click for a sample resume:

Sample Resume

This is more or less the format I used when applying for jobs, and so far it’s served me pretty well. One thing I noticed is that people like to have resumes which go on for several pages and even include stuff from Sekolah Rendah. Recruiters don’t like having to flip or scroll through pages when looking at resumes. By the time they get to the end of your resume, they would’ve probably forgotten your name. The most important thing to remember is to be short and sweet, so if you have a resume like that, you’ll need to trim it down a bit.

To get that format, I used tables in Microsoft word and just changed the borders to transparent. This really helps is keeping your resume neat and organized. Assuming you’ve gotten the table layout done, now you’ll need to fill it in with info.

1.You need to fill in your particulars. Include your most recent mailing address, your email address, and most importantly your handphone (include the country code if you’re applying overseas).

2. Education. List your latest education experience (if you haven’t graduated then make you you list your expected graduation date and current grades). If you’ve just graduated, or are still in college, you can list your SPM results but try not to go too far back. Although it’s a pretty big achievement back then, now no one is going to hire you because you got 5A’s in UPSR :P Also, list some of the courses that you have taken if they are relevant to the job you’re applying for.

3. Experience. This is where you can really shine through and separate yourself from the others. List, in chronological order any work/internship/practical training experience you have and be as detailed as you can. Include the location as well. You can include any extra curricular activities like clubs, volunteer work or tutoring. Even part time jobs can be included if you have space. Make sure that when the recruiter reads it, they know exactly what you’ve done. Use a lot of verbs such as: Assisted, Supervised, Mentored, Tutored, Organized, Conducted, Collected, etc. If you are still doing the action, make sure to use the present tense of the verb, ie: Assist, Supervise, Tutor. Also, try to tailor it to the job that you’re applying for. For example, if you interned at an engineering firm, but now you want to work in a consulting company, try to highlight skills that are relevant. Write about possible trouble shooting/problem solving aspects of your internship. Basically, explain what you have done/experienced, and show how it is relevant to the job you’re applying.

4. Skills & Personal. Write about whatever skills you have that could be relevant to the job. Public speaking, programming, website publishing, computer literacy. Language skills should also be listed down. And finally, write a bit about yourself – it makes the resume more personal and shows that you’re an interesting person, not just some highly qualified person.

Congratulations! You’ve finished your resume. It’s not a very hard thing to do, but it’s very very very important. Now make sure you’ve taken out all the grammatical errors. And spelling errors. Give it to your best friend to check, then give it to your roommate to check. A resume is basically a first impression… you want it to be perfect!

Now it’s time to start dishing it out to companies. If you guys have any questions, that’s what the comments page is for! Next up: The Interview


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