Petrol Price Now RM2.70 Per Liter

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Rumours spread real fast. Especially rumours regarding price increases. This afternoon, SMSes were flying around stating that the petrol price will increase, some stating up to RM3.20 and some, RM2.70. I was placing my bets on a 20% increase though, about RM2.30.

So, at around 5pm, people who are leaving work took heed of the rumours and visited the petrol station to fill up petrol at the price of RM1.92/liter for the last time. Does not matter whether it was empty tank of half tank, as long as there was money to be saved.

And there it happened, again, as always. Petrol stations jammed up with cars. Pump attendants were busy as heck, receiving payments, filling the petrol and directing traffic ensuring that chaos won”t happen (queue jumpers, etc). Roads leading in and out of the petrol stations were then clogged up, swallowing innocent drivers into the jam. Stubborn and ignorant drivers trying to turn into jammed intersections soon blocked traffic thus leading into a locked up situation.

I was right there, just near the junction where this SUV was blocking the junction, hampering cars from turning out. I had to do my part this time. I got out of the car, headed to the SUV and politely asked the lady driver to go straight along the road instead of trying to turn into the junction, blocking all the cars trying to come out of the junction, including me. This easy stunt immediately eased up the whole area and cars were moving again. And I could turn out of the junction happily.

Well, my tank is nearly empty, but I rather waste a few bucks tomorrow than waiting in queue for well over 30 minutes. Not to mention that the government is paying back RM650 per car less than 2000cc to ease the costs. That way, the petrol hike won”t hurt my expenses that much.


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  2. stanley ho - March 25, 2010 / 9:18 pm

    how much can a tank of petrol save u ???…why so KIASU…so many ways to save money..go out less ..eat simple ..etc. Not to q up and maybe fight for a tank of old price petrol???..wat have malaysian becaome?


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