June 2008


After 2.70

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As Forest Gump so wisely said “Shit happens”, and last month it did. The Government decided to increase petrol prices to RM2.70 a litre. Except that unlike the other times they raised petrol prices, this time it’s different. This time prices went from high to extraordinarily high. And boy does it hurt.

Let’s assume the pay for a fresh grad in KL is about RM2500. And because this graduate comes from Sarawak, he has to rent a room for about RM300 a month. He also buys himself a car, because face it, everyone drives in KL. Public transportation sucks big time. His monthly installments are about RM500. And he has to pump a full tank of petrol once a week (RM100 each time) so this leaves him with RM2500-500-300-400 = RM 1300. Minus off EPF and you’re left with RM 1100. This is just his salary minus the cost of the necessary things to get to work! Then assuming he spends RM20 a day on food (including the weekends when he brings his gf to nicer restaurants), he’ll need another 20×30 = RM600 for food. That leaves RM500. Sure that may sound like a lot, but in reality, you can’t even get 5 decent t-shirts for that kind of money (and this assumes he doesn’t pay income tax).

So things have to change. But there’s not really much flexibility, since our fresh grad’s expenses are pretty basic. But there’s wiggle room, at least.


Lala chong

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I like seafood. No wait, that’s an understatement, I LOVE seafood. And perhaps the best way to cook seafood is Chinese-style.

As with all good things, you can’t have too much of it, or not you know lah, sure muak, but I haven’t had seafood in a while so I rounded up a bunch of friends and we headed to Lala Chong for some rockin’ Chinese-style seafood. Lala Chong is located near the old Subang Airport, right opposite Terminal 3. For those of you who don’t quite know where it is, take a look at this map:
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You’ll know you’re there when you see this sign


My 3rd Tattoo

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I managed to get my 3rd tattoo done yesterday at Black Cat Tattoo studio. The studio is located at the Asian Avenue (top floor) at Sunway Pyramid.

The design of the tattoo was inspired by the lightning bolt tattoo on Mike Vallely’s arm. Ah_mei helped out on the inner tattoo design in which she added a lightning striking towards the ground, shattering it. She then ran it through an image editing program where a gradient was added and after I saw the gradient and color tones, the decision to make the tattoo was sealed.

I then changed the lightning strike design into a lone cactus standing in the desert and the cracks in the ground was changed into the roots of the cactus. This turned the picture into a cross section of a desert


KL Indie Fest ’08

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KL Indie Fest 2008

KL Indie Fest, dedicated to all indie lovers! It’s being held this year at the KL Tower! Make a note in your calendars guys, this event is not to be missed! It features a whole mix of bands who will be playing from afternoon till midnight for only RM25


KLue Urbanscapes 2008

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Urbanscapes. A landscape filled with urbanity. What?

A whole mixture of products, art, music, lifestyle, movies, poetry and creativity will be present at this year’s Urbanscapes, organised by KLue.

The heart of the event will be at the Lawn stage, where our darling bands will perform, proving once again that our local music scene is alive and kicking. Bands which are slated to perform at the Lawn stage are: Love Me Butch, OAG, Estrella, Seven Collar T-Shirt, Prana, Bittersweet, Auburn, They Will Kill Us All, Estranged, The Times, One Buck Short, Citizens of Ice-Cream, Dian Bang and last but not least, Pure Vibracion. The bands will


The time has come again. This year, it’s a 4 person fight between Pop Shuvit, Faizal Tahir, Nicholas Teo and Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza. Well, it looks like all the big hitters from the Malaysian music 642-813 industry are up against each other. The event is going to be held at the Arena of Stars in Genting but only invited guests are allowed to enter. No tickets to be purchased.

Personally, I would go for Pop Shuvit considering they are the real underdogs here. They managed to build a name for themselves by working real hard and touring abroad. They have made it to Japan where they even outsold other international acts


Metallica – Death Magnetic

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Finally, after a long time, a new album from Metallica. St. Anger was kind of a disappointment (well, everyone changes) as they had already figured it out and are now going back on track with heavy metal with Kirk Hammett on the solos.

The album will be titled Death Magnetic and is slated to be released in September this year. Catch some previews at the Mission Metallica website or watch the trailer.


So I opened my freezer, looking for some frozen grapes and OH NOOOO~~ I’m out!! I desperately needed to stock up, so you know what that means.. A trip to the Pasar Malam!

The Pasar Malam or Night Market in English is absolutely one of my favorite Malaysian experiences. Where else can you find an amazing variety of food (from putu piring to nasi dagang to kebabs), groceries (fresh fruits, vegetables and fish/meat), clothing and accessories, and even political activists (esp just before elections) in one place? It’s the ultimate assault on the senses: The very visible hustle and bustle, the noise of sellers shouting out their promotions (Mari mari mari, durian murah murah!!), the smell of different foods wafting around, the taste of all the snacks and tidbits and as for touch… don’t you always give fruits a good squeeze before you buy em? In addition to that, what’s cool is that Malaysians from all walks of life – rich, poor, young, old – can be seen at the pasar malam (I even saw some white people too!!) Psst.. in fact back in uni guys used to go to the pasar malam to meet girls….

Anyway, the pasar malam I went to was the one in Taman Tun. It operates every Sunday. Some of the stalls start opening at about 3pm, but the place only gets really busy around 6-8pm.


You keyboard is one of the dirtiest things in your house/office. It carries a lot of bacteria on and inside of it. Day by day, it accumulates dirt, dust, grime, nose booger, hair, sweat, mucus, nose hair, saliva, grease, food, breadcrumbs, biscuit crumbs and small dead insect.

Most of the visible small dirt objects will find its way down below the keyboard keys through the small 2mm gap between keys. Most of it are not visible due to the shadow being cast on it by the keys, thus not giving you a clue on how great a rubbish dump it is.

The fact that makes it so dirty is that it is one of the most used objects in your house/office. Every time you use your computer, you have to use your keyboard (well, you have to use your mouse too, but let’s focus on the keyboard for this post). You never bother to wash your hands before touching the keyboard. After cleaning your nose with your fingers, you then continue typing on the keyboard. No matter what you did previously, you wouldn’t really think of cleaning your hands before using the keyboard. Then, AFTER using the keyboard, you also wouldn’t care to wash your hands before eating your biscuits, sweets or food (or digging for gold again).


After much procrastinating, I finally made my decision to purchase the Sony Alpha DSLR-A200 camera. Actually, I wanted to buy a digital SLR (single lens reflex, more info at Wikipedia) camera when the Canon EOS350D was released (kinda the first ‘affordable’ prosumer digital SLRs in the market at that time) but somehow the decision slipped. Later, Nikon released the D40 and it seemed really attractive, but my brother managed to snapped it up, so I decided to play around with his one before he took it away with him to Melbourne.

So, I’m left with my Panasonic Lumix FX-3 compact point and shoot camera which works really good as a compact point and shoot camera but it is really slow on focusing and the anti-shake feature don’t really live up to its name, resulting in difficulty trying to snap photos at darker environments (gigs, anyone?).

Then, around half a year ago, Sony managed to revamp it’s flagship Sony Alpha DSLR-A100 digital SLR camera and in came the A200, A300 and A350 cameras. The A200 is the baseline model and

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!