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Hello again folks! It’s been around 3 weeks since I wrote my first post on this blog. In the period between the first post and this post, 16 posts have been published. Not a bad start, considering that I was targeting around 10 posts for the first month. Somehow, ideas kept pouring in the past 3 weeks.


Besides the new posts, you might have noticed some aesthetics changes in the blog. The sidebar is more filled up with a tag cloud, recent comments section, picture 640-863  gallery and a calendar. The post listing on the main page has also been given a revamp, thanks to my brother, who suggested me to include a mini post image to accompany the post in the listing on the main page. He said it looked like a computer-generated post listing without the pictures. And there you go, posts excerpts are accompanied by images and/or YouTube videos!

In the post page, I have added a ‘Related Post’ feature which appears at the bottom of each post. This way, readers can continue reading other posts which I have posted and I can increase my page views! I have also added a FeedBurner feed to replace the WordPress default feed, but alas, there’s 0 subscribers.

Was all the trouble worthwhile? What has all the changes and posts lead this blog to? Well, I used Google Analytics to help me keep track of the statistics of this blog and just 2 days ago, we managed to surpass the 1000 page views mark! 50% of the traffic was from direct links, 25% from referrals 640-864 and the other 25% from search engines. The page views is currently increasing day by day and I am very happy and grateful to all you readers out there!

So, what now?

We will try to increase the frequency and quality of our posts in the future. I’m also waiting for my new Sony A200 DSLR camera to arrive so that we can take nicer and more fantastic photographs for you readers to enjoy. In the meantime, do read our other posts while we spend our time on writing new posts, filming new content, shooting more photos, daydreaming while working our butts off during the workdays.


By the way, my dreadlocks are 1 year old!!!!


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