Malaysian Artistes For Unity

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It’s all about love.

Thanks to Mr. Pete Teo, a group of 52 Malaysians (which includes singers, celebrities, businessmen, and everybody in between) got together to sing a song and also shoot a music video, in the spirit of unity and anti-racism. The name of the song is titled Here In My Home and is composed by Pete Teo, who is also the project producer. The video was co-directed by Yasmin Ahmad (do check out her advertisements for Petronas). Try spotting Tony Fernandes or Jason Lo in our Malaysian tiger striped FAM jersey!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that it’s free. Free to download, free to view, load it into your mobiles (both audio and video) and spread it to your family, friends and colleagues!

Official site:

Their download page has a whole bunch of goodies available to be downloaded, all for free. Both the audio and videos are available in all kinds of formats and encoding, so less hassle for you to load it onto your PDA or mobile.

If you are just too lazy to find the MP3 (192kbps) download link, here it is for you.

To get these nice banners which you can place on your website, head over to their download page.

free download

free download

Yes, we all love Malaysia!!


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