Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (MPYO) is formed by a group of youths in Malaysia. It is conducted by Kevin Field and musicians are from the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO).

They will be performing in Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS, KLCC, on 28 May 2008 at 8.30p.m. Tickets costs only RM30 each, which in my opinion, is really worth it! Check out their poster for more details, or visit Malaysian Philharmonic online and the MYPO website.

A colourful programme that combines the serious with the playful, the romantic with the patriotic, and danger with a touch of fun. Book now and let the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra show you how they combine these with a twist of local flavour and flair. Only at Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS.

Program includes:

You might have attended an orchestra before, but have you attended a Malaysian orchestra performance? I am not saying that Malaysia doesn’t have any orchestra groups around, but for me, I am excited about the notion of Malaysian youth performing an orchestra. Support-lah MPYO for their passion in music and hopefully bring Malaysia’s music to a higher level.


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  1. Janet Lee - December 13, 2009 / 6:31 pm

    Registration date for M’sian Youth Music Festival 2010.


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