Instead of arriving at 3pm as stated on the flyers, I left my house at about 3.30pm and arrived at approximately 3.45pm.

Parking was easily found at the nearby parking lot, RM4.00 per entry. So, I made my way up the steps and I could see people gathering below the escalator and I thought to myself, ‘Heck, the event still haven’t started’. ‘Standard lah Malaysian gigs’, was what the guy who was selling the tickets told me. He even told me that it will start ‘in a while’. We ended up waiting until 4.40pm before the doors were opened and people were allowed in. As I neared the entrance, I could hear a band which sounds like Deja Voodoo Spells already playing.

They were distributing free melodica demo CDs right after the entrance, no doubt snapped up happily by everyone. And heck, it wasn’t Deja Voodoo Spells playing, it was melodica. Yeap, the first band. They were ending their first song as we entered, and they continued onto Terbang, sung in Malay. The highlight was their last song, Wadi. The intro was awesome, it sounded like a classical Malay instrument or a sitar, and the solo was awesome. The guitarist hammered with ease, like child’s play.

Up next was Priority. Dang, the vocalist looks like T-Bag (Terry Bagwell in the Prison Break series). Well, his weird English accent and his facial expression does. Maybe he’s trying to do some kinda Sex Pistols accent.

Jah’z Disciples was next but then I felt kinda hungry. Very bad to go for a rock concert with a hungry stomach, you might faint in the middle of the mosh pit, lack of oxygen and energy. A quick detour to the makan stalls downstairs managed to fix my stomach.

When I came back, it was Oh Chentaku‘s turn to play, during which I took the opportunity to visit the now obligatory clothing stalls at the Ruums dining area. Pure Vibracion were there selling their reggae themed tees there and you can get some Butterfingers tees as well. This time they were selling the 1000 Tahun design.


Heck, as I was resting at a small coffee table (there, the one in the picture above), people were suddenly rushing to the stage, leaving the dining area quite empty. Then, I heard someone saying Butterfingers, so I made my way to the stage area and yeah I could see the band setting up. Soundcheck was kinda quick this time, Emmet had his acoustic guitar on and they started their set with CUAI.

Merpati Sejoli was on next and the mosh started! Time to get into the pit!

They managed to play one brand new song (didn’t managed to get the title) and they closed their set with 1000 Tahun and started to went backstage after finishing the song. Right at that very moment, the crowd started to chant ‘We want more! We want more‘. It was really, really loud. The chant went on for about a minute, something had to be done. Not fulfilling the crowd at this moment is like betraying their support to our local boys. They want more? Give them more! It’s much better than a crowd which refuses music right?

So, Butterfingers came back, got to their instruments and played one more song to satisfy the crowd. Err, I was to caught up in the midst of things so I couldn’t really recall what was the last song they played. Maybe it was the Joget Joget song. Hmmm?

Meet Uncle Hussain

Lan is bald now, but wearing a hat, awesome fashion! He has a Flying V guitar as well! Heck, not sure when he changed it, the last time I saw them perform was at Sunburst. Heck, they even managed to rope in Dukegong (Hujan’s bassist) to become their backup singer for this gig. Dukegong was the one who was rocking it the most, head banging his head with dreadlocks flailing around, hardcore indeed.

I was talking to him just before they performed and yeah, he had his dreadlocks done just recently and had extensions put in. According to him, this was his third time doing dreadlocks. He did his at a reggae shop somewhere at Danau Kota (not sure where, but I will find out).

Deja Voodoo Spells

As usual, Deja Voodoo Spells’ blend of hard rock and insane guitar solos rocked the crowd, well, at least it rocked me. I was just standing still, looking and listening in awe, like concentrating on what a lecturer was saying. There was no moshing going on but there were a few head bangers, some female supporters who knew the lyrics to their songs and some FEET STOMPING (hardcore style) dudes. Not sure whether those hardcore dudes are really hardcore or just playing it up.

There was a short interlude mid-way through their second last song when all of a sudden the bassist comes forward and lashes out a tune (well, the whole song) that, no doubt, most people in Malaysia will recognize instantly. No, not our national anthem, but it was the introduction song of Doraemon! Holy crap! His right hand was tapping on the first few frets while his left hand was working its magic on the lower end of the fret board, playing the higher notes. That was not just it, the crowd managed to sing along as well. Totemo daisuki, Doraemon! They ended their really tight set with Rock ‘n’ Roll, one of the newer songs. Later, Bob (the emcee) mentioned that their new album will be releasing soon, in one or two month’s time.

Pure Vibracion

This is the band that all the dreadlocked dudes are waiting for! Aru was there as well, having a drink while swaying just at the side of the stage. Just in an instant after they started their set, nearly every guy AND girl on dance floor were dancing and swaying their hips and shoulders joyfully like there was no tomorrow. There was even a ‘train’ going around the dance floor. The atmosphere on the dance floor was awesome, not the rock kind of awesome, but a happy, relaxing and enjoying vibe. Well, what else do you expect from a reggae band? The vocalist, Joe, even told the crowd that it is time to relax, after all the hard rock and stuff.

Love Me Butch

Thanks to Arif for letting me know that I accidentally left out LMB (sorry dudes, didn’t manage to take a photo of you guys, next time I promise I will). I was resting at the dining area while LMB was playing, but as usual, they managed to kick it up and have a mosh going (not to mention dozens of body surfing). Their set that day included Reconcile and Hollywood Holiday, among others.


OAG came up the stage in no time and lashed out Generasiku almost immediately after a short sound check. Radhi was acting like some kung-fu fighter with some Shaolin stances here and there. Anyway, after Generasiku, Radhi said ‘Finally we are free from the Evil Music Industry, EMI!‘. ‘We are free and we can do anything we want‘.

They then continued with Slumber, no mosh pit this time, just a couple of guys popping up and down. Not enough crowd to command a mosh pit eh.


‘Why the big companies don’t want to support the local music industry?’.
‘Because they are run by foreign people’.
‘But it’s okay, coz we know we have talent’.
‘Let Cap Kipas Udang sponsor us instead’.

The last song of the day was Merdeka (their latest single, out soon). Seems like OAG have their own recording studio open for business now as Radhi managed to did some publicity of his own. ‘Whoever who doesn’t have a band, go back and form one, and come to us for recording, only RM35 per hour!!‘.

Oh, and you can visit at

[Photos courtesy of ah_mei]


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  1. arif[lendew undergroundo] - May 22, 2008 / 2:18 am

    nice piece bro but u missed out love me butch…just wondering if u would contribute ur piece to our magazine…cheers

  2. kenchill - May 22, 2008 / 7:24 pm

    Ah yes indeed! Accidentally left them out coz I didn’t manage to snap any photos of them. Update soon!

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  4. SUBculture - August 25, 2008 / 7:55 pm

    it seems this time they all shout ’bout indipendent records.. D.I.Y.. Funny! acctually they r not!

  5. darkthronez666 - September 2, 2008 / 1:40 pm

    well, juz wanna wish u all selamat berpuasa in thiz Ramadhan, and be please dont stop supporting our city of sin, KL. becoz it is our town for good, and for worst. proud to be malaysian :D


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