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I was making my way to Jalan P. Ramlee at around 9:30pm to pick up my mum.

I used Jalan Syed Putra to head into Kuala Lumpur and in order to get to Jalan Sultan Ismail I had to pass through Jalan Maharajalela. As you all might know, there”s this Chinese temple right at the end of Jalan 640-802 Petaling (Petaling Street, in other words). No, not the end

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with the shops or the Jalan Petaling pintu gerbang, it”s on the other side, near the Maharajalela monorail station. Actually there are 2 Chinese temples at Jalan Petaling, Sze Ya Temple and Chan See Shu Yuen Temple. There”s also the Sri Mahamariamman Temple.



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Where bands are coupled with an orchestra.

Or so was it.

Obviously, the headlining band for this event is Butterfingers. Gigging all month long to promote their new album, Kembali, Butterfingers is here to stay, and as the t-shirts states, ‘Takkan grunge hilang di dunia‘. Besides Butterfingers, the other bands which will be accompanied by an orchestra are Hujan, MUCK and Couple. There were also around 8 other bands playing, half of which are acoustic sets.

The event was ‘supposed’ (as per most Malaysian events, especially Chinese Wedding dinners, supposed is the word to use, not will) to start at 2pm and so, as good law-abiding citizens of Malaysia, we promptly arrived at 2pm. Parking was easy to find (just by the roadside) and tickets, selling for RM25 each, were available for purchase just outside the entrance to the grand hall. As expected, the guy told us that we can enter after the sound check (the infamous sound checks! Sound checks can last the whole day here in Malaysia, and please I don’t want to remind you of the ROTTW sound check delays).

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