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The Great Fitness Fad?

Posted by supaa_dry. Hobbies, Lifestyle

Every big city in the world has been through it. The fitness fad that is. When people start earning more and start buying more expensive clothes, they tend to go “Hey, what’s the point of buying expensive clothes without having the sexy body to pull it off?”, and then we go on a fitness craze. New York, Chicago, London, even Singapore is full of people who have become more and more concerned and particular about their looks. And takkan lah KL is gonna miss this one out!

Since about 3 years ago, gyms, which were once a rarity, have been mushrooming all over the city. Names like Fitness First, Celebrity Fitness and California Fitness are mentioned with the same casualness as 7-11. So are KL-ites becoming more health conscious or are we just in the midst of a fitness fad fueled by vanity?

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