Moonshine 8th May 2008

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So it’s been a while since we’ve (that is kenchill, ah_mei and I) been to Laundry bar for live music, so we thought what the heck, let’s go and check out Moonshine.

Moonshine is a show organized by Reza Salleh and is held on every second Thursday of the month at Laundry Bar at the Curve. The event started at 9:45pm but kenchill and ah_mei were a little bit late no thanks to a stopover at Shiok Toys (LG, Cineleisure) to collect some McFarlane Halo 3 Master Chief figures.

The bands slated to perform this time around were Forty Winks, Reza Salleh, FLU and John’s Mistress.

Forty Winks

The first act of the night was Forty winks. They’re relatively unheard of (ie we don’t know them) but we were pleasantly surprised by this ska band. They must’ve had 7 people up on stage with a complete brass ensemble and everything! Not to mentioned that all of them donned smart looking suits and the singer had a nice hat on. They played some really funky beats and kudos to the Laundry crew for the flawless sound – each instrument was clearly heard! At one point the trumpeteer (trumpetist?), well the guy playing the trumpet put down his trumpet (as seen in the picture) and started shaking from left to right and singing the backup vocals, so they even had a dancing backup artist. We especially liked their last song called “Mak Minah” where they paid tribute to the old rhyme “mak minah balik kampung, beranak dalam tong, namanya sotong!” Overall a solid performance and hopefully we’ll see more of forty winks in the future. We were looking to buy their CD but they weren’t selling any. Oh, it seems that most of them are from UiTM.

Reza Salleh

Music veteran Reza Salleh was up next – I don’t know if he qualifies to be a veteran, but he’s very well known in the Malaysian music scene. Even if the rest of the bands were crappy, Reza Salleh’s band was reason enough for us to wanna go for Moonshine. The last time we saw him perform was during the Sunburst Showcase event held at The Pavilion a couple of months back. Reza Salleh was accompanied on the bass by Melina from Tempered Mental, on the drums by Stephanie Chai and I couldn’t quite get the guitarist’s name – sorry dude! If you drop us a line, we’ll put your name up properly! As expected it was a solid performance and at one point we were just mesmerized by Melina’s bass playing abilities… she’s definitely one of the best bassists in Malaysia at the moment. The only complaint (and it’s not a very big one) was that Reza’s acoustic guitar was sometimes drowned out by the drums – although this could also be because we were sitting right in front of the amplifier…

The biggest surprise of the night was after their set was over and Stephanie stepped out from behind the drums. We’ve never ever seen her before but judging from the way she played, we expected a more “hardcore” person, but surprise surprise, Stephanie turned out to be a small, pleasant looking Chinese girl! But don’t be fooled, this girl is easily better than 90% of the drummers out there.


FLU, or Fugue Liberalize Underground as they’re called were the 3rd band of the night. Unfortunately, by this point my ears were just blasted apart from sitting too close to the amps that I had to go outside to take a breather. And to order a RM15 Diet Coke! Drinks are ridiculously priced but when you take into consideration the fact that you’re getting a top notch live music performance as well, it’s a bit easier to part with the RM15. For your information, Diet Cokes retail at about RM 1.50 at 7-11. I also ended up talking to a friend the whole time and more or less missed FLU’s performance!! Sorry about that guys, but I’m sure it was a rocking show. One interesting thing I managed to notice was that the vocalist’s guitar was played upside down – haven’t seen that for a while..

John’s Mistress

The last band of the night was John’s Mistress. These guys have been around for ages, and I remember their hit song “Numb” from back during high school. It must’ve been during Form 3 or Form 4. These guys must be about 28-30 years old but they don’t look a day over 24..wonder what their skin regiment is like? Anyway, they played a bunch of songs, including Boring Day, Numb, Have It Your Way, Faraway, and a Japanese song which the vocalist (is his name John??) wrote. I was pretty impressed that he was able to sing it in fluently and with proper pronunciation too! Hearing their songs again was quite nostalgic and we were awash with memories of high school – sigh, the good old days~ These guys have just come back from a super long hiatus, and we hope that they’ll keep on playing this time around.

To sum it up, basically we had a good time all around. The crowd was well sized but not overwhelming like during the Meet Uncle Hussain performance and there were eye candy galore for both genders. The transitions between the bands were kept short and the sound was pretty good all throughout. Good job to Reza Salleh and the Laundry crew for organizing a sucessful Moonshine. Hopefully the next one will be even better.


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    thanx fr the show review.

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