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FAQ about Dreadlocks

Posted by kenchill. Lifestyle

I get a lot of curious looks and stares wherever I go around KL city.

Aunties and uncles will stare at me with their jaws dropped, kids will shoot me disgusting stares and the random people will just steal glances. One of the obvious and hence irritating reactions that I get is from the kindergarten/preschool kids just below my office. They will all be lining-up waiting for their parents to pick them up the same I usually walk out for lunch. Those brats will always announce loudly in Mandarin “look at his hair,” and look at me with horrified and surprised faces. Some will even pinch their noses and the rest of the kids will make frightened/horrified noises. Well, maybe I should educate them one day about my hair and tell them that I’m not a monster.

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