Peterpan is back in Malaysia once again and this time around they will be playing at 4 different locations throughout Malaysia.

The most striking thing is that there will be two local bands 640-816 opening for them at every location. According to the flyers and information around the internet, it seems like OAG will be one of the guest bands at every location. Way to go dudes!

Well, we (Kenchill, supaa_dry and ah mei) managed to get ourselves the RM75 tickets for the Kuala Lumpur (Stadium Negara) leg of the tour. Every RM75 ticket comes with a RM10 Celcom prepaid reload coupon. The thing is, none of us or my friends uses a Celcom prepaid, thus no chance to make a quick buck. The other ticket option available was the RM35 ticket, which will put you at the seats. The RM75 ticket got us access to the floor. And there was this box just directly in front of the stage which was called the ‘X-pax Zone’. Word is that if you reload RM30 for your Celcom prepaid, you get a special ‘X-pax Zone’ ticket, but I can’t confirm this.

Anyhow, the stage setting for this concert is a straight forward front-facing stage as opposed to the Dewa 19 concert which was held previously. The Dewa 19 stage was placed right in the centre of the stadium (like a boxing ring) and the audience were positioned around the front, left and right of the stage. The back of stage had this ramp which lead to the backstage area. And the problem with that was that the ‘X-Pax Zone’ was smack at the front of the stage and our RM80 (most expensive) tickets granted us only the left or right side of the stage. So, this time around it was much better. We got our RM75’s worth, and everyone could see the whole band at any time.

Entering the venue this time around was less packed compared to the 640-822 Dewa 19 event. More RELA personnel were around too. The first thought that hit me was that this could prevent people with RM35 tickets from hopping over the barriers and entering the floor area. This was very disastrous during the Dewa 19 concert as the floor area was flooded and packed with people (not to mention Indonesians carrying banners hovering above the crowd) after the event started.

Late starting concerts were a norm these days but it was not as bad this time. The emcee did not brainwash us into purchasing reloads (‘Sudahkah anda reload?’) and no lucky draw too. So, we were expecting OAG to play first (as Hujan always plays last), but then the emcee suddenly announced ‘Nitrus’ instead of ‘OAG’, and we were dumbfounded. Hmmm, maybe there could be 3 guest bands playing??

So, Nitrus belted out 3 songs, which included their hit song, Kamu as their final song. Heck, the speakers weren’t tuned properly, the volume for the higher frequencies was way too loud and this made our ears hurt. Luckily, I brought a pack of tissues and we managed to make some temporary tissue ear buds. This cut out the high notes and made the whole experience much more enjoyable (and to save damage to our ear drums).


Next band up, was Hujan and not OAG. Looks like OAG is nowhere to be seen! At least Hujan performed and they played to the tunes of Aku Skandal, Bila Aku Sudah Tiada and their last song, Pagi Yang Gelap – Empayarmu medley. Solid performance but somehow the ‘feel’ wasn’t there yet. The crowd wasn’t warmed up yet I guess.

Still no OAG but Peterpan was up on stage already – at least we didn’t have to wait 30 minutes in between bands, thumbs up to the organisers. They played around 6 to 7 songs from their new album, Hari Yang Cerah, and the rest from their previous studio albums. Ariel was very crowd friendly, inviting the crowd to sing along as well as prompting to continue (or to ‘lanjut’/’Kita lanjut!’) on to the next song. Most popular sing along songs were Mungkin Nanti (with a nice acoustic intro with Ariel on vocals and guitar as opposed to the bass line intro), Mimpi Yang Sempurna and Topeng (there were a few more, but I can’t recall which).


At the end of the day, they could have played 2 or 3 more songs (hey, they didn’t play Bintang di Surga) but it was probably due to the non-delays that this concert was kinda short. Thanks to the presense of the RELA personnel, there were no overcrowding issues at the floor area and we all went home happily without any ringing in our ears (remember the tissue ear plugs?).


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