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Peterpan is back in Malaysia once again and this time around they will be playing at 4 different locations throughout Malaysia.

The most striking thing is that there will be two local bands 640-816 opening for them at every location. According to the flyers and information around the internet, it seems like OAG will be one of the guest bands at every location. Way to go dudes!

Well, we (Kenchill, supaa_dry and ah mei) managed to get ourselves the RM75 tickets for the Kuala Lumpur (Stadium Negara) leg of the tour. Every RM75 ticket comes with a RM10 Celcom prepaid reload coupon. The thing is, none of us or my friends uses a Celcom prepaid, thus no chance to make a quick buck. The other ticket option available was the RM35 ticket, which will put you at the seats. The RM75 ticket got us access to the floor. And there was this box just directly in front of the stage which was called the ‘X-pax Zone’. Word is that if you reload RM30 for your Celcom prepaid, you get a special ‘X-pax Zone’ ticket, but I can’t confirm this.

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!